Tuesday, 4 November 2014

London #TesterGathering Workshops 2014 materials. #ltgworkshops

London #TesterGathering Workshops 2014 - Presentations and materials

Here are the some materials from the London #TesterGathering Workshops 2014.


You can check out the full programme and podcosts here

The materials from 2013 are available here.

2015 is already on early bird sale. 

Exploratory Testing Session - Tony Bruce

Debugging, testing and hacking JavaScript Web Applications  Resources Carlos Ble and Jenny Mulholland

Testing Mobile Software - Stephen Janaway

Introduction to the WebDriver API - Richard Bradshaw
Java and C#

Making your WebDriver tests fast, portable and reliable - Mark Collin

Security Testing with OWASP ZAP: from zero to hero - Bill Matthews

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Friday, 12 September 2014

Black Ops Testing Webinar, Monday 22nd September 2014

Black Ops Testing Webinar, Monday 22nd September 2014

For our September Webinar we are going back to basics and testing a command line tool.
It feels all green screen and mainframe-esque.
This will challenge us to identify new tools, and refresh our earlier skillsets.
Make a note in your calendar for 22nd September 2014, when we use TaskWarrior as our application under test.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Black Ops Testing 1 Day Workshop - 23rd January 2015.

Steve Green, James Lyndsay, Alan Richardson and I have been working on a workshop.

We held a trail run at the 2013 Tester Gathering Workshops London.
See this post for more details: Collected blog posts - #ltgw2013

We're going to be constantly working on the workshop and so it will differ each time we run it.

Register here.

Black Ops Testing Workshop, 23rd January 2015, London
Limited to 32 spaces!
This 1 day workshop will be an intensive event where we lead you through a series of exercises to help you explore different ways of approaching and thinking about your testing.
We, the Black Ops Testing Team, will put into practice all the lessons we learned from our mission at the London Tester Gathering in 2013.
We have joined together to bring our individual experience, knowledge and skill sets in order to bring this unique and variable workshop to you.
Each workshop will differ.
We believe this is a unique workshop for a number of reasons:
  • 4 instructors - this gives you the chance to get 4 different opinions and 4 different perspectives.
  • The instructors have varied backgrounds and each will bring different approaches and ways of thinking.
  • Practicality is the name of the game. You will think, you will test, you will use tools (where it makes sense to use them), you will diagnose, you will report.
  • We will share how we do things, such as sharing our testing sessions.
  • Each workshop will differ as we focus on different techniques and approaches
  • Every workshop takes a different application under test
  • Prior to every workshop we will have tested the application
We will take a system and potentially looking at:


  • sharing tips about deeper observation e.g. using proxies
  • discussing in-browser development tools
  • different kinds and types of tools we use
  • css tricks and tips
  • how do we prep?
  • keeping track of what you've done
  • our different thought processess
  • automation suitablity
    • pros
    • cons
  • work on design
  • work on strategy
  • work on modelling


  • how deep do we diagnose?
  • should we even try?
  • how do we report what/how we diagnosed?


  • what for who
  • how?
We will also-
  • mock each other for not trying techniques
  • discuss and compare different ways of keeping testing notes
    • sharing examples
    • experimenting with different methods
  • where possible discuss examples we've come across in our work
  • discuss and answer questions with four different perspectives
  • give you the potential to improve your testing skills
  • give you the potential improve your technical skills
Don't miss out on this unique workshop.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

One more question... slides from #CAST2014 workshop

Questions are a powerful tool, and good questioning skills are extremely important for both people and in testing. Through effective use, we can engage in more effective learning, create outside-the-box thinking and start decision making conversations. Tony will explore the power of questions and their ability to make us and others think by looking at items such as the use of probing questions, tone and rephrasing. He will work through exercises to allow participants to practice some of what they are learning. Participants will walk away with ideas on how to sharpen their questioning skills to a fine tool which can be used to transform their every conversation and to increase their testing thinking. Questions can help create and negate, learn and teach, and stop and start projects, connections and relationships. Add this ability to your tool set.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Black Ops Testing Webinar Alert: Monday June 23rd 20:00 BST

What would challenge us?

Something small, but something large?
Something remote, but something local?

We picked TodoMVC.
Don't know it?
Have a look.

It's not really a production application. It's a showcase application.
That means, the same basic functionality written in lots of different frameworks.

Our challenge - "Have a look and see what you come up with"
And now we debrief.

Save the date Monday 23rd June, 20:00 BST

You can sign up for the webinar here 

And for maximum value, have a look at TodoMVC yourself before you attend.